Ownership succession and transfer

ARTEMIS network assist you as far as succession transfer is concerned and are competent for any question related to the matter, whether the succession is litigious or not.

In case a notary needs to intervene in order to settle a succession, latent family divisions might impede the sharing. The attorney then helps with your rights, advising you and assisting you either before or from the moment the succession is opened.

Therefore the attorney can help you write your will, advise you in case of an indivision by succession, assist you and if required, represent you legally if the succession cannot be dealt with amicably and if there are disputes between the heirs, or even between heirs and third parties.

As far as transmission of ownership is concerned (cession, acquisition of shares, the merger and acquisition of companies, trading, customer base, etc.), posthumous mandate or future protection mandate in this domain, Mrs Ségolène GUICHARD is the qualified attorney of the network in France and Mrs Valérie TRUCHET for succession family matters is the qualified attorney of the network in France as much as in Switzerland.