International debt recovery – Recovery law – Enforcement of foreign court

ARTEMIS network advise and assist you in case of difficulties in the recovery of your debts against your debtors, whether they are civil or commercial claims. The procedure starts with the sending of a formal notice in your favour and ending with a legal procedure if necessary, again so as to assert your rights.

All the litigation fields are dealt withdebt recovery and bank litigation for poor management, litigation regarding recovery and bankruptcy law, including sequestration of properties, civil matters (civil status, divorce, liquidation of cross-border matrimonial property, inheritance disagreements), urgent measures, and enforcement of foreign judgements or foreign arbitration decisions.

Mrs Valérie TRUCHET, in France, and Mrs Aurélie ROCHE in Switzerland, assist clients who need a court decision taken in one of those two countries to be carried out in the other one. As per the 2007 Lugano Convention on legal competence, for the recognition and the execution of decisions regarding both civil and commercial matters, an exquatur procedure has to be implemented in the State where the judgement needs to be carried out.