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Artemis Associated - Attorneys


ARTEMIS ASSOCIATED-ATTORNEYS are a cross-border and multidisciplinary network of independent attorneys, created in order to provide clients with a wide range of legal services in different areas of law, both in France and in Switzerland.

The goal and the leitmotiv of the network members are to provide high quality legal services to clients and strive at all times to offer them creative and tailored solutions, in a fast and continuous changing world.

The adoption of the bilateral agreement dated 21st June 1999 between the European Union and Switzerland, entered into force on the 1st June 2002, has drastically changed the local interactions and exchanges, which have multiplied exponentially over the past twenty years.

This has resulted into the launching of the Artemis cross-border network, composed of lawyers having distinct skills in different areas of law, so as to meet their clients’ various but always legitimate needs better.

The Artemis Avocats Associés network therefore puts its experience and skills at the service of individuals, communities and businesses every day, both on the French side and on the Swiss side. Text editor



Our constant rigour in the analysis and the quality requirements provided to our clients are a guarantee that we will handle all dossiers with professionalism and know-how.


The history and development of our society are intrinsically linked to the development of the law system. Our commitment to remain open in view of the constant changes leads us to always seek the most inventive solutions. Our legal creativity allows us to develop a legal framework suited to both the legality and the practice of our clients.


Respect of the basis of any personal, social and business relations. Our respect for each of our clients leads us to a great transparency in the definition of our fees and costs for each of the dossier entrusted to us. Respect for the person also involves a systematic search for settlements, prior to starting any legal action. Lastly, the fulfilment of our commitments.


Fully aware of how important it is to impeccably manage their clients’ dossiers, ARTEMIS network attorneys commit themselves to the following aspects:

  • Each dossier undergoes a strict monitoring and gives rise to a high-performance service in the different areas of expertise.
  • Each dossier is submitted to a cautious and direct monitoring, for better analysis, faster and uninterrupted management of our clients’ affairs.
  • – Before becoming a dossier, a mandate entrusted to one of ARTEMIS network lawyers is considered in all its human and personal dimensions.
  • In a context of strong legislative and jurisprudential evolution, the network carry out daily studies of the texts and decisions published, using efficient database.
  • The question of feesis discussed in total transparency with our clients, during the first meeting and whenever necessary, knowing that each future client is informed of the fees the lawyer involved charges before starting work on the dossier

French-Swiss cross-border law

Labour relationships and how they are put into practice

French legislation

Company law