Labour relationships and how they are put into practice

ARTEMIS network assist their clients as far as labour relations are concerned, whether dealing with advice or litigation.

In France, benefiting from a 15 year experience in a laywers’ practice specialised in labour work, Mrs Aurélie ROCHE is able to advise you on what labour relations are based on, from drafting your work contract to your compensation plan (including the employee’s savings plan as well as the company’s fund and retirement plan). Mrs Aurélie ROCHE will also assist you regarding a potential breach of your contract, even when taking care of a social mandate at the same time. Mrs Aurélie ROCHE also pleads before the labour court as well as before the judicial court (social security litigation).

In Switzerland, Mrs Valérie TRUCHET assists her clients, whether they are employers or employees regarding any issue related to labour law, whether to help them draft their work contract, assist them in dispute situations, if not dismissal, or in case of court proceedings.